__encephalon__ (__encephalon__) wrote in midi_rivet_613,

Thinking about selling some synths...

Would anyone be interested in any of these?

- Roland XP-60 sequencer/workstation/mothership synth - it has the Techno/Industrial expansion kit installed already

- Yamaha A3000 sampler (2 gig hard drive and 100 MB RAM) this is what I put my vocals through live, it works great as a sampler or FX processor

- Waldorf Micro Q - its the blue one but I probably wouldnt be able to let it go unless someone reallllly wanted it.

Im not really in a rush to get rid of any of these, I will probably try to hock the XP-60 soon because I really want an Alesis Ion. I'd be open to trades too but only for really kick ass VA's :D
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