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the long hard road out of ......point and click

so I finished my first whole song back on live gear , it appears to have gone well . a I need to do now is somehow get ahold of an ES-1 . this should give me enough channels that I can move all my existing songs over from fruity .\
that's gonna be I swear I'm gonna end up wearing out the selector knobs on both of the boxes before I'm done . each different pattern means scrolling up through 140+ patterns x about 7 patterns per song x 7-8 songs .
ummmmm yeah . it'll be great to not have a desktop to haul along to evey show . it's to bad the ESX's synth parts don't appear to be polyphonic . can't have everything I guess sampler/sequencer/synth/FX processor(and currently sound module for a drum brain) isn't bad in one box . now if the gods of credit card are smiling on me (why not , all the other ones are shitting on me) I'll get the card and Ebay an ES-1 . any suggestions for cheap non Ebay sources of such gear? or a workable substitute for an ES-1 ?
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