Slave Ix (slaveix) wrote in midi_rivet_613,
Slave Ix

Everything New is Old Again

Hey guys,

Hope you don't mind if I joined the community...I'm not technically in 613 anymore, but I just got my setup, well, set-up again and I'm looking to produce more noises.

Anyway, hi!

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Hey, man. I'm glad to hear you'll be making more, because I liked what I heard from you back in the day. :)

I've listened to some of the stuff you've posted on your site, and I've been impressed. Maybe I could do a remix for you at some point in the future!
I wanna remix too!!!! and perhaps we can reconstruct a couple of those tracks we'd done together only in fruity or something . I think I have a bunch of the samples around
I put together remix material for "never" you up for a remix? do you have a gmail account ? I could email it to you . fruity zip. and all
WOOO!!!!! good to hear mr.Man you're totally welcome , you're from here . you made musics here , we miss you here . so yeah . woo! and such things :)

Once I get some stuff done, I'll have to get myself one of those MySpace accounts.
indeed you shall sir , indeed you shall
make with the new noises! ;)