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interwebby muzak

ok I'm rather new at this and know nothing aboutuploading (even if I had somewhere to upload it to) but I'd like to somehow get some music online so people can hear/download it
how would I go about this ?
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Hey Warren,

I recommend setting yourself up with a MySpace account []. It's what I've done in the interim of getting an actual site back up - When you first sing up [it's free] you will have the option of setting yourself up as an individual or a music artist, obviously choose the latter. You will then have the option of uploading MP3 versions of your tracks and setting up a bio and discography and all that jazz.

Hope you do it, I'd like to hear what you've been up to lately!
hey thanks man , I'll do that today sometime . I gotta check yours sout whilet I'm there , I haven't gotten to hear anything of your in a while
grrrr , either somethings been changed or I'm just entirely blind . it didn't offer the choice of individual or music artist *kicks myspace signup*
is it the Isound thing or is it just right on myspace?
You can have space on the Departure site for it if you want. Also/instead, you can do the online album thing like I did with my newest Pupil and Un albums. Again, I'll give you the space.
thanks man , I didn't want to make you even more busy than you already are . I'll send you stuff shortly . I figure I'll put it out in as many ways as possible . I think the departure one will be the official listing though esp on my LJ
Busy schmizzy. You're Warren; I've always got time for you. If you want to do the online album thing, we'll hook you up. We'll have to get together and figure out a look to the site... the last one I did for you is kinda haphazard... I'd want to spend a bit more time making this snazzy.
this is me , the guy that is totally lucky in the friends department
ok for whatever reason I seem to be re-routed to a different "myspace" that has nothing to do with bands at all . this is what I get when I come to sign up bit
unless I'm blind theres no option thre for bandness . poopy . I must be somehow be going to the wrong place . *kicks myspace*
ok looks like this be workin